TOK Presentation Planning Document


3.     Write a summary in note form (like a bulleted list) of the way you plan to deal with the Group member: Myself

Estimated Timing of Pres 10 minutes



I will use sources on Gernica, and the 5th of May. I want to study the difference between art and history.

Topic (why is it significant?):

Essential Question:

How have artists art work impacted people’s views of history?


1.     What is the real life situation under consideration?


The impact of another person interpretation or feelings on the event.
2.     What is the TOK knowledge issue(s) (questions) that will be the focus of your presentation?


Perception, reason, and imagination.

a.     How will you identify the knowledge issue(s)?
I will identify them by using each lens of knowledge I have identified above. And see what applies under that scope of knowledge.

b.     How will you show your personal perspective?
I will see how it affects me. I will put my own feelings into each art piece.

c.     How will you make connections to other Ways of Knowing or Areas of Knowledge?
I’ll do that as I go if I realize something is more connected than I thought orgionally.

d.     How will you examine the knowledge claims and possible counterclaims (i.e different perspectives)? Tip: ask yourself, what would someone who disagrees with the claim say, and what reasons would he give? What about someone from a different culture, age group, religion, class, educational background?

I will explore all the different counter claims and percpective of others. That is all perception how others see something.
e.     How will you examine the implications of knowledge?
I will talk about how different perceptive can change. And how societies perceptive

f.      If there is bias, how will you examine that? What about assumptions and presuppositions?
Oh there is bound to be bias. Art is all about the individuel. My question will be how this bias can affect how people actrually saw the historic event.

Type of Presentation: (list all that will apply)

(all possibilities)

Items you will need (e.d handouts, costumes, script, projector):

(all possibilities)
Mac, video editing, video of my talking about art, and video of some art


IA Planning Document

What is the real -life situation?

Youth violence is getting more publicity. the violence if often blamed on the violent video games.

What are the knowledge issues or issue?

The perception of violence in video games is often related to violence in real life.

How do you plan to deal with/ treat the knowledge issues?

  • Unbiased

  • Parental views

  • political views

  • media views

  • The facts

  • psychological facts