Language as a Way of Knowing Multi-Task Blog Post

I found this article interesting 🙂


“Language was given to man to disguise his thoughts.” – Tallyrand 

I found this quote very interesting because I was recently talking with Mme. Pouloa (mon prof de francais). We were talking about an indroduction I was writing and she said that I needed to be very rague and just elude to things. I complained to her saying, “Mme! That is so difficult to do in french.” She corrected me and said, “Well Zach think about it, English is one of the most direct languages in the world.” She is right, English is extrememly specific. And she went on to say, “French is very vague in it’s self.” It is very true, sometimes in more complex French the sentence structure is such a way that you don’t know what the speaker is talking about without back context. This relates back to the quote because I feel like (even in English  people hide their emotions from others. Whether it involves pride, envy, hatred, it kind of comes to more of a emotional question rather than language.


Should the naughty words in our language be band? 

In my opinion I think that all bad words should be cut out of the English language. I feel like Americans (in particular) are using “to many” bad words have made the English language dirty but also very inexpressive. Our vocabulary is being reduced to an inner city school child. It is sad. We are losing our expressive words for…well… expressive words, but of a different kind. I think that bad words should be restrited in school and thus would stop students from growing up and using them. Bad words don’t breed inginiuty, if you wanna say a bad word say it in french, spanish, greek, or say that purple dinosour is a little cloud. That is more creative than that B&#$ is a little S$#@ Excuse my language….


When Bill Clinton entered the White House in ’93, his wife Hillary wanted to be known as “Presidential Partner”, not “First Lady”. What is the difference in connotations? If a woman ever would become president of the USA, what do you think would be an appropriate title for her husband?

He would defiantly be called the “first man.”  Jokes aside I think that changing the name of the first lady signals a very progressive move. In my mind I find that saying “Presidential Partner” would incline that both of them are making the decisions (and with my opinion of Bill it probably was Mrs. Clinton calling the shots.) In my mind the name is on the verge of unconstitutional because it implies that a person the people did not vote for would be making decisions with the president. 

What are some examples of words that have entered the English language as a result of the computer revolution?

The first thing that pops in to my head would be RAM which isn’t involved in social media but rather manufacturing computers in and of themselves. Another word would be “like.” The Facebook finazial over the word like. Often times like doesn’t even mean like, usually it is a popularity contest, who ever is the most popular gets the most likes.


How would you try to explain to a blind person what the word RED means? What does this suggest to you about the limitations of definitions?

Well I looked it up and this is what I found. Even the dictionary can’t really describe red. I don’t know that anyone can. It would be impossible, because red is sensory perception. There is a quote in my french class that says the limits of your language are the limits of your world. 

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”- Analyze the way language is used in each of these pairs of expressions: Pro-life/pro-choice; genetically-modified food/Frankenstein food; free speech/hate speech; “Blocking your child’s access to objectionable material on the Internet is not called censorship, it’s called parenting” (Al Gore); piracy/file-sharing

Naturally I am on the conservative side of it all… so I am naturally bias. I think that people who commit terror acts are terrorists… unfortunetly even Americans did this during the fight for independance. But think about it, just the word… Pro-life or Pro-choice. I would chose life over choice… just saying…

The “Political Correctness” movement has been popular in the past two decades, striving to use language to change attitudes to the oppressed or disadvantaged. What examples can you give of “PC language” or a “PC incident” and what are your personal thoughts?

I find that “Political Correctness” limits the way you say things. I oppresses you from saying that all Israelis are Jews. With over 2/3 majority of Israelis being Jews I would say it is safe to say that Israelis are Jews. I believe in honoring the majority NOT the minority. I know that for video games there is something called “base rape” which means spawn killing. It’s not very politically correct. And I would agree that it is a little raunchy. Political correctness should stop people from saying things such as that. Things that are serious. 

What are some examples of words that have entered the English language as a result of the computer revolution?

Some words would inclued. Lol, wtf, and the all important Yolo. Are new words that have been created are apperviations. It is interesting that our language is evolving into more fast passed speech. Are we going to lose all we have because we are going to fast passed?

Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography-

Oh my goodness… Well I believe that this man and I live on opposite ends of the spectrum. I think that technically words are so cool! I mean for my EE if I just said the big plane, it would not be accurate or interesting. I would say a BWB or Blended-Wing-Body Aircraft. In my opinion that nitty gritty of our speech is the beautiful thing about our language. I like that. Commas and semi-collens have a special place in my heart 🙂 They help the reader or speeker to know when it is a good idea to stop talking.  

Stephen Fry Interview – Fry’s Planet World

I think it is very possible that humans could see a lot of lose of culture because of the internet  I think that is it very possible that our language could also lose a lot of it’s meaning because of  Yolo and other things like it. I find it interesting that China has a literacy problem because of lack of phonetics. Dylexics learn phonetically and I would want to know how mnay Chinese are dyslexic.

Stephen Fry discussing swear words:

I found his connection with torcher rather interesting. I guess it all depends on where we came from. In Europe torcher was not that bad but sexual and bad words were a big no no. It is sort of the nobleness of the old days that is still alive today.

The Birth of a Word:

I think that was really cute! I will remember that as a parent. I will probably just try and film it not leave cameras around my house like a stoker. I think that part is a little creepy. I felt bad for him as he struggled to say water. Think about it we are able to learn English fluently by the 6th grade or so. That is pretty good!