Touch and Sound Blog reflection


It is the only sense that uses physics to work; meaning sounds actrually moves things inside the ear to make them hear.

How does our brain convert these sounds in to words?

Our ears use fluid and bones to work properly.

Would the sounds we hear sound different if a different type of fluid was present in our ears?

Scientists don’t yet know how we process sounds!

Why can children hear better than adults?

Picks his girlfriends based on how their names taste.

Is it really distrating to taste every word?

Certain fibers in the ear react to high or low pitched sounds and noises.

What if the fibers broke?

High rates of hearing lose sound like the person is in another room!

How can we stop hearing loss?



Human desire for touch goes all the way back to the womb.

Why are massages so emotionally reveling?

Holding hands with someone is so nice beacuse we have over 2,000 sensory resptors in each finger tip!

Can we artificially make more sensors in our hands?

Human touch is healing!

How can we comfort old people with human touch?

Lack of physical touch can ruin a child for the future. Human touch is very important for development.

People in prison have no condact with humans, is this worst for them?

Touch can strengthen a social bond between people.

Is that why handshakes are so important?

Reasons for needing to be touched!

Are there any other reasons?



Touch has helped people move forward and become more and more intellegent threwou the ages!

How can cyborg arms be the way of the future?




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