Sense Perception as a WOK: Exploratory Lesson



Look at the center of this grid (don’t look there for too long it might make you throw up) notice that the dots seem to shift? Experts aren’t really sure why this occurs but many believe it is because there are lines connecting the dots and thus  tricks our minds into shifting them around.

I decided to use taste as my sense perception for one hour.

As I was driving home I passed the sewer treatment plant and the smell of the plant was so strong that I could taste it. I tried holding my nose but it didn’t work. Thankfully as soon as I got home I eat some chocolate chips! They were so yummy! They were sweet but not too sweet, it made my mouth pop with delite! I then had to sent a letter to Maddi and I had to lick the envelope, it was a little nasty, it had a strange almost sweet taste at first and then it became stale. Then my favorite part of the entire day (drum roll please!) DINNER!!!! My mom made the most amazing spaghetti ever!!! The noodles had slightly spiecy tomato sauce and the meat balls had meat and vegetables inside! Oh my taste buds were the happiest things on planet earth!

 Hilary Lawson’s Story

I thought that this story was very interesting. The idea that someone can see but cannot recognize something for what it is. They can see something is there and can remember what it used to look like but cannot distinguish what it is. I think it is very interesting that what John has is not an eye sight problem. He can see objects. And it is not a memory problem because he can remember what things used to look like, but rather it seems to me that the cables connecting his eyes and his memory are cut in both directions. He can’t remember anything he sees and he can’t see something and remember it.

“Theories of Reality”

I really don’t think that I can just pick one. I really think that I see the world threw all the theories of reality. I see the world in Common sense realism, Scientific realism, and Phenomenalism. I think the key to perceiving the world correctly is knowing which type to use when. For example everyday life is probably more of a Common sense realism. I think that is the most useful in everyday life. But when conducting an experiment or if you become an engineer then you would use Scientific realism. Finally when talking about God and the Bible I think that Phenomenalism should be used because you cannot physically see God but you know he is there from all the thinks you see that he made. You indirectly see him is what I mean.

Our Beliefs cause us to see things very differently from each other. For example: as a Christian I see things different than from lets say a Muslim. I would see the Koran as an evil blasphemous book and the Muslim would see the Christian Bible as a blasphemous book.

Our culture makes us see certain things differently, for example pregnant ladies. Younger pregnant ladies (16-20) are often looked down upon because of there young age. But other pregnant ladies people will ask, “How are you doing?” “When are you due?” (which I advise you not ask intill you are sure the lady is pregnant because that could be embarrassing.)

I think that out of all of these our Mood affects the way we see things the absolute most. If we are in a good mood and we see a puppy we might say “Awwww!” and run over too it! But if we are in a bad mood we would probably get really mad at the puppy when we noticed it peed on our shoe.

To be perfectly honest I think that humans should stay away from trying to give themselves the 6th sense… As a Christian I call my 6th sense the Holy Spirit others call it their gut feeling. I think that other than that sense humans should really try not to expand on anything else. I do however think that humans should try to listen to the Holy Spirit or that gut feeling more often because it is always right. At least with my experience it is.



I think that the new United Continental Airlines logo is a really good logo. It is super simple but shows that the company is world wide and provides world wide service to anywhere in the world!!! With a globe with longitudinal and latitudinal lines shows they will go anywhere in the world you just give them the coordinates.

Here is a really cool video I found on sensory perception!