1. Which cards …

1. Which cards did your group find easiest to place? Which did you find most difficult? 

By far the easiest card to place was the worst one and that was lying under oath. The most difficult ones were often the unspecific cards. For example: Telling a Kid about Santa Clause. Does that mean telling them Santa isn’t real or is?

2. How similar or different was your order from that of other groups? Were there any surprises?

I was very supirsed by other groups, some of the other groups orders were completely different from my group. For example one group didn’t put lying under oath as a bad thing. I thought this was really strange, I mean I think that is was by far the worst thing someone could do. I guess everyone just has their own perspective and we should all strive to respect that no matter if we agree or not.

3. Were there cases where you’d need more information about the context before placing it?

Yes this often had to do with not knowing where to place the card, the best example which I used above was the Santa Clause one. Was that telling a child he was not real or real? I also thought that some of them on their own didn’t seem bad at all. I can’t remember an example but I thought there were a lot that seemed to just be thrown in there. Maybe it was just to mix it up? Or maybe some people consider those things bad?

4. How many of these forms of deception have you engaged in – be honest :) ?

Unfortuntely I engaged in 28 of them. Don’t ask me how that is possible. But I think of myself as Sly not dishonest but sly.

5. How widespread do you think deception is in the population at large?

Well from reading Mrs. Bruvall’s word press http://tok2014.wordpress.com/ I think that deception is a lot more prevalent than people think. Especial in younger generations were parents put pressure on their kids to do well and go to a good college. Cheating is really across the board. I’ll be honest I have cheated on a few assignments but I haven’t ever cheated on a test before. I think that also advertisements can be very deceiving and I think that is where we come in contact with it the deception the most.

6. How do you define a “lie” – which of these cards would you classify as “not a lie” and why?

In my opinion lies can be defined as anything that hurts anyone or using deception to trick someone. I really don’t think there are any good lies, being polite is one thing but lying is different. If you have nothing nice to say than you shouldn’t say anything. But you should still be polite.

7. Under what circumstances, if any, is it acceptable to mislead or deceive other people? Should we tell the truth at any cost, or are other things, such as happiness, more important?

I think that telling people the truth is the most important thing a person can ask for even if it isn’t what the person wants to hear. It is unnecessary for a healthy life and healthy relationships. Honest goes with integrity which are very important traits in people. I think that honesty can lead to happiness 🙂


Reflection of This I Believe Film

The only thing I knew at the beginning of the processes was that I wanted to use a list of all my different beliefs. I found most of my beliefs threw the honor code of the Marine Corps. My father is a Marine and he has always taught me that honor was much better than anything else I could ever get in this life. But I also believe a lot of things regarding love. I believe in true love for example. There are just so many examples of it in life.

The format of the project was by far the hardest part. I couldn’t think of what to do. I had written out all of my beliefs on folder paper and was trying to figure about what to do. I had just come home from Water polo practice and had seen the pool lights and that gave me that idea to put my folder paper in the pool and watch them sink to the bottom.

The Folder paper didn’t do exactly what I thought that it would but it still was really cool. I thought that putting it my pool really added to the project and made it more interesting.

I chose the Ode to Joy because my brother suggested it. I thought it would be really cool to line up the music with that was occurring in the movie.

Racism verses Sexisum

I don’t believe that we should disrespect other people for their beliefs. What if others didn’t respect you because of your ideals? I don’t think that is right. I think that these individuals should lose respect and credibility of they act on their beliefs. You probably thinking what is Zach talking about? Well say for example you meet a racist person, but they aren’t rude or disrespectful to people of different ethnicity then you should respect them. I think that people are justified in not respecting someone only if that person takes action against others, hurting them physically, mentally  or social should you then disrespect them.


I think that it is really Raciest to point out how a certain race is doing. If you aren’t raciest you wouldn’t point out how your race was doing. How could black life be any different from white life, Asian life, or any other races’ life? Everyone has to deal with the same problems why would your bring race into it. I was looking at this college as a possibility but now I don’t want to attend it. I don’t want to go to a racist college!



Some examples of Sexisum that really bothered me was the medias affect on young men and women. The media even critizised Hillary Clinton for wearing to little make-up! It is beyond rude to tell anyone they need to wear make-up. Often women are forced in to wearing make-up because it is the societal norm, women who don’t wear make-up are often in the minority and it is frowned apon.

This I believe…

Here is my this I believe project:


Enjoy 🙂

I believe that…

I believe in small government

I believe the power to tax is the power to destroy

I believe in freedom

I believe honor is the most important trait in a person

I believe failing with honor is better than winning by cheating

I believe that true men love honor more than life

I believe that it takes years to gain respect but only seconds to lose it

I believe in selflessness

I believe integrity is better than fame or fortune

I believe honesty truly is the best policy

I believe in Duty, Honor, and Country

I believe that people have different strengths and weakness

I believe that one person cannot find love, two must love each other

I believe love cannot be found, it finds you

I believe love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies

I believe that being loved gives you strength, and loving gives you courage