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This I believe

I recently read a this I believe by William O. Douglas he was a supreme court justice. Here is the link to his, “This I believe” http://thisibelieve.org/essay/16507/

To sum up his this I believe I think I will use his own words “If I die it will be glory, if I live it will be grace.” He believes that faith is the answer, I can’t argue with him. He is right faith in God is what I believe. This essay was mostly about his father and his surgery that ultimately killed him. He talked about how his father wasn’t scarred; he knew that either way he would glorify God in his death. Mr. Douglas didn’t understand what his father’s dying words meant until later in life. He later goes on to say that America has become to Materialistic and corrupt. He asks America to return to its old ways and believe and trust in God. He calls for the simpler life, he calls for faith in everything we do.


Wrapping up the Brain

Knowledge has both positive and negative apects to it. Some examples of  positive effects knowledge has had on our lives are that we have learned certain drugs can cause some irriversiable effects on our health. Like tobaco, Marjiwana, and other drugs. Unfortunetly knowledge has some down falls. Being able to find out some medical condisons can cause people to be upset. Like the knowledge that they have cancer could cause the individuel to live in constant fear of death! 


Knoweldge in the Film

In the film most of the information came from experiements. I thought that a lot of these experiements were not accurate. For example the exeriment of sex, which looks at how the brain reacts to an orgasium, was very flawed. It wasn’t flawed in the way it was conducted; it was flawed in the fact that only 12 people participated in the experiment. For an experiment to be valid it needs to have a huge amount of people who participate in the experiment. 

Knowledge is not something you can aquire in one day. It is aquired over a life time. Knowledge isn’t just book smarts but also experience and is wisdom. Wisdom is the most important form of knowledge. Wisdom isn’t spoken about in the film, I wish it was. I think that experienments on wisdom would be very interesting to contuct. I think that showing and MRI while someone is talking about how they aquired a certain piece of wisdom would be very interesting.


Aquirring knowledge

We gain knowledge in school, doing sports, and in our daily lives. But something I think people should get out of school is a quote by Socraties, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” I think that it is important for people to know that school is not about how much knowledge you can learn, but actrually how to learn knowledge. If that makes an sense. 



I think that our knowledge that we aquire is bias. Just based on our past experiences and how we observe what is going on. I think that the film had very little bias toward one side or the other. I think the only bias could be the lack of subjects for the experiements they conducted. 


I am a very reliogous person, so I was wondering how theu think knowledge and religion interact. Do they conigsist? Or does one take presitance to the other in the brain? I wonder what parts of the brain are active when we think or talk about religion?



I recently read the article How to Spot Psycopaths: Speech Patterns Give Them Away. It was mainly about Psychopaths in prison. Almost 25% of male inmates in Fedral Penetenturies are psychopaths according to the 20 item assment, used to determine if an inmate is a Psychopath or not. They found that Psychopaths often talk in terms of cause and effect, lack remorse, and often refer to just the nessities such as food and water. They are often very manipulative people and seem to have a lack of conciense. 


It is interesting to me that Psychopaths are deeply effected by…well…being a Psychopath. So deeply so that even the way the speak is affected. In fact so deeply that they can be pulled out of a crowd as a psychopath by just they way they speak! But then I got to thinking, what if what we, as a society, though about murder and sucsess wrong? What if we evloved from a psychopathic like mind? How does the knowledge of the way moral issues are determinded benefit society? To what extent would the knowlegde gained be useful to philosophers? Wouldn’t it be better for murder to be legal? That is how society started? Was it for a reason? Psychopathic killers kill for a reason. Has our society grown soft, and now the Psychopathic traits are considered bad. But was it meant to be that way?

Questions to consider.

How do scientist determine bad from good? 


Can bad and good be different for each person?


Should society have different laws for different types of people?